All the wrong things write.

All the wrong things write.

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And that day zero fucks were given

Work has been nuts lately, and there’s lots of really cool stuff going on. Thanks to daylight savings, I only slept for four hours last night. Also, the Decemberists new live album dropped today, and I’m currently inflicting it upon our whole office at high volume. Did I mention it was 50 degrees when I walked out of the house, and the high for today is 79? I had to roll up my sleeves after five minutes in the office because of the sunlight streaming in the windows.

In conclusion, bow-tie, chambray pants, mocassins, double-layered chidori shirt and sweater vest. I look like a total dork, so it’s the perfect kit for springtime skulduggery and modern-day swashbuckling, because no one will see it coming!

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