All the wrong things write.

All the wrong things write.

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Bucketfest ‘12

Buckets of rain here all week. Also, buckets of work and travel. Brooke and I were in St. Louis over the weekend for one of her bikini competitions. I forgot to take WIWT shots, but I did wear a green lapel flower with my light blue Isaia linen jacket in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Not that I particularly care about a holiday, but I didn’t want to invite pinches. Or punches. St. Louis takes any holiday that provides a chance to drink in the streets very seriously. 

I’ve been in seclusion, several meetings and the stark white room of my mind for the last couple days, and I didn’t get a chance to take any new shots. Today, the WIWTs are back.

Navy unlined blazer by J. Press
Light blue oxford by Modern Tailor
Vintage slim fit chinos from Land’s End Canvas
Snuff suede apron toe bluchers by PRL
No socks and cuffed pants by virtue of the fact that it’s humid as Atlanta (read: Hell) 

Enjoy the pasty man ankles, coworkers and internets.

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